Sales support

Please direct your product related questions to our sales team by e-mail on:

Technical Support

If you have questions regarding purchased products, please send a mail to our support team on:


Toolchains (64-bit only)

Nanomind A712 toolchain: arm-none-eabi-gcc-4.6.4-x64.tar.gz
Nanomind A3200 toolchain: gs-avr32-toolchain-3.4.2

Software development kit

The full software development kit as available as a new product and can only be obtained with a registered account. For the latest version of the SDK please contact software support and set up an account

Product firmware

GomSpace provides regular firmware updates for the following products:
  • NanoCom AX100
  • NanoMind A3200-std
  • NanoPower P31u
For the latest version of the firmware please contact software support an set up an account